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Alyssa derives inspiration from lyricism and language; nature, symbolism, and spirituality. She is continually expanding her vocabulary in contortion and movement; combining her contortion practice with her background in dance, and her acrobatic research. Throughout school, Alyssa began creating a technical and artistic vocabulary using 2 or 3 aerial hoops rigged to separate points; and she is continually researching and expanding this concept.

Alyssa was born in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Throughout her childhood she practiced gymnastics; in her teenage years she discovered circus, and began practicing dance and theatre. Alyssa has been drawing and writing consistently and intuitively throughout her life; an important parallel that lives symbiotically with her circus expression. 
At 16, Alyssa began the secondary program at the National Circus School. She finished her final year of high school attending the NCS, then graduated to the collegial program, as an Aerial Hoop specialist.  Throughout her schooling Alyssa was coached by Nathalie Hébert and Nadia Richer on aerial hoop; and she collaborated with Veronica Mélis as an artistic counsellor. In 2019, Alyssa graduated as an aerial hoop specialist with minors in contortion and hula hoop. 

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