Photo by Brin Schoellkopf

Life & Circus

Alyssa was born and raised in the wilderness of Whitehorse, Yukon. Born into an artistic bloodline, Alyssa always had an instinct to create; using both performance and visual art as instinctive outlets. At the age of 5, she joined the local gymnastics club’s competitive team, training steadily until her teenage years - when she discovered dance. Alyssa found circus at 15; a hybrid of her passions. It incorporated her dance and gymnastics training, and allowed a new and exciting artistic vessel. 


When she was 16, Alyssa began the CES (secondary) program at the National Circus School. Alyssa finished her final year of high school attending the NCS, then graduated to the DEC (collegial) program, as an Aerial Hoop specialist. Throughout her time at school Alyssa has created her own vocabulary in contortion and movement, and continues to explore integrating these skills into an aerial number; flowing seamlessly from the ground to her apparatus. Additionally, Alyssa has created a unique technical and artistic vocabulary using 2 or 3 aerial hoops rigged to separate points. Throughout her schooling Alyssa was coached by Nathalie Hébert and Nadia Richer on aerial hoop; and she collaborated with Veronica Mélis as an artistic counsellor.  In June 2019 Alyssa became the first from Canada's northern territories to graduate from the DEC collegial program at the National Circus school. Alyssa graduated as an aerial hoop specialist, with minors in contortion and hula hoop. 

Alyssa is passionate about art as a lifestyle; and she lives her artistic practice. Sketching and writing have always been part of Alyssa's nature; they play an important role in her creative process. Her ideas are born in the pages of diaries and sketchbooks; through reflection she discovers truths, from which she builds her circus acts.

Alyssa derives great inspiration from lyricism and language; as well as aesthetic image and spirituality. Her upbringing was heavily influenced by the poetry of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. Today she greatly admires Patti Smith, and Jack Kerouac, and Hieronymus Bosch. Additionally, Alyssa is deeply inspired by fantasy; such as the works of Neil Gaiman, Jim Henson, and Moebius. Alyssa derives great inspiration from religious iconography, and the Baroque aesthetic. 

Photo by Brin Schoellkopf

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