A complete act using three aerial hoops; an original concept developed and explored by Alyssa. The swinging hoops create a grand, hypnotic atmosphere as Alyssa transfers and manipulates multiple aerial hoops at once. 
This act can be adapted to different concepts, shows, festivals and spaces. 


A single point aerial hoop act that can be easily adapted to a fixed ceiling point, and various spaces. In this act Alyssa inhabits the music; flowing seamlessly with her apparatus, utilizing her contortion practice, and executing unique, original sequences. 


An original floor contortion act, energized by the organic realm. This act is inspired by the movement qualities of mollusks and underwater invertebrates; their birth and their life cycle; and the way they move and writhe. The act is rich in original movement research created by Alyssa. 
*Alyssa can create a floor contortion act for special event requirements, spaces and tastes. 


A dynamic hula hoop act. A hybrid of Alyssa's dance and contortion training, while incorporating Hula Hoop technique and tricks. 
*Alyssa can create a hula hoop act for special event requirements, spaces and tastes.