Height: 5'4" | 165 cm

Weight: 60 kg | 130 lbs

Eyes: Hazel 

Hair: Blonde 

Language: English | French 

Main Disciplines: Aerial Hoop | Contortion | Hula Hoop

Other Disciplines: Floor Acro | Acro-dance | Dance


Alyssa Bunce is a multidisciplinary circus artist graduated from the DEC program at the National Circus School. She specializes in Aerial Hoop, and minors in Hula Hoop as well as contortion. Alyssa has experience in floor acrobatics, acro-dance, classical and contemporary dance, movement research, and theatre. 



Competitive Gymnast 2005-2011

A gymnast on the competitive team, Training 16 hours per week. Attending competitions around Canada and Alaska.

Competitive Dancer — 2011-2015

Competitive dancer 12 hours per week with the Extremely Moving Youth Society. 

Circus Arts instructor  — Summer 2013/2014/2015

Aerial, acrobatic, and flexibility coach for children ages 6-15. 

Festival of Fools — April 15th 2015

Performance of an original Aerial Hoop act accompanied live by the renowned Canadian group, the Lemon Bucket Orchestra. Performed at the Yukon Arts Centre, for a sold out theatre. 

Council of the Federation performance — July 21st 2016

Put on by the Yukon Arts Centre and the Yukon Government, this event was meant to provide entertainment for all Canada’s Premiers. Alyssa performed an original Aerial Hoop act accompanied by Canadian singer-songwriter, Sarah Macdougall. 


Petite Piece a la Verticale — June 2-5 2016 

Contortion, acrobatics, dance, aerial hoop. Directed by Anthony Venisse, a 45 minute circus production.


Ytilaer — June 2-16 2017

Contortion, dance and acrobatics in a 20 minute animation directed by Michael Watts, performed at the TOHU. 

Aerial research — December 12 & 13 2017 

Aerial research with Julie Lachance on a newly developed apparatus. Engaged by Hainan Atlantis Commerce and Tourism Development Co. LTD for their show to be presented in Sanya, China. 


Sapeince - May 25th to June 14th 2018

Contortion, aerial-hoop, dance and acrobatics in a full length spectacle directed by Anthony Venisse and choreographed by Lucie Vigneault. Performed at the TOHU in Montreal for several weeks. 


Les Minutes Completement Cirque: Phénix- July 5th  to 15th 2018

Contortion, acrobatics, and dance. Street-show and full feature production as part of the International Festivale Complement Cirque in Montreal. Performed outdoors for two weeks, yielding audiences of up to 7000 spectators. 


Saint John's International Circus Festival - September 28th 2018

Original aerial hoop act, presented with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra as part of the international circus festival. Alyssa was invited to participate in the debut year of the festival, performing a solo act. 

Équilibres Déséquilibres - November 11 & 12 2018

Contortion, hula hoop, dance, and acting in a full length show directed by Michel G. Barette. Performed at the Salle Bourgie to mark the opening of the Alexander Calder Arts exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum. 

Circus Teaching & Act Conception  - February 15th to 22nd  2019

Coaching contortion, aerials, and hula at Circo de Los Niños in San Pancho, Mexico. Acro-dance, contortion, and group aerial act conception for the production FAUSTO directed by Fernand Rainville, Gilles Ste Croix and Monique Voyer. 

Ou Vont Les Fleurs - May 29th to June 9th 2019

Hula Hoop, contortion, dance, and theatre in a full length production presented at the TOHU, in Montreal. Directed by Alain Francoeur and Marie-Josée Gauthier.



-Principals List and Special Merit Student at Vanier Catholic Secondary.

-$2000 Admittance scholarship for Western University, Ontario.

-Graduate of the Cirques Études Secondaires programme at National Circus School in Montreal, Quebec. 

-Fully Bilingual (English and French). 

-Graduate of the DEC collegial studies program (2019) at the National Circus School in Montreal, Quebec. 


Claire Ness, Employer —  <clairegawnness@hotmail.com>

Nadia Richer, Coach — <richer.nadia@gmail.com

Nathalie Hebert, Head Coach — <nath.hebert@videotron.ca>

Veronica Mélis, Artistic Advisor — <veronicamelis@gmail.com>

Luc Tremblay, Coach —  <luc@steadyboy.com

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