Mixed Media & Metaphysical Comics 

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Chemical Processing Machine
ubi pax
The Portal in my Shower
ubi pax & symbols
Ubi Pax
isolated comic panel I.
Visions from the deepest lake
Isolated comic panel ii.
isolated comic panel iii.
Text Excerpt
Lady Liz


Spacegirl is a feminist, inclusive, DIY poetry & illustration collection created by Alyssa, compiled in three small booklets throughout 2018-2020


Fairy of Sea Debris 

Follow the rhythm of the thick-skinned soles on clay 

Crossing women carrying vessels on their skulls 

past the beehive, and the green pools 

she stands eating purple berries with ringed fingers 

Nymph of styrofoam and algae and ocean debris 

The air hangs heavy with the dank heat of mossy rocks

She goes to bathe 

The water is like a silver gas

twisting in cyclical infinites contrasted sharp 

by the harsh blade of the horizon

A Transformer of Energy

discomfort is pleasure and so is comfort 

pain doesn’t exist, only poetry

One Eye Love

I look through the eye of my soul

the eye of the Whole 


and make my peace with everything 

60 Seconds on Planet Earth

early air shocks my lungs 

thoughts buzz in my skull like fat and hairy flies 

The rain beats down despite any circumstances

despite anyones obsession with comfort 

the bullets beat down from above 

silver pellets of synthetic ice 

despite anyones obsession with comfort 

International funds are exchanged 

through paragraphs of zeros and ones 

through hands of men with hollow eyes

Vegetable Law 

The ease of the universe 

lives in the perseveration of a new bud  

in the wet and sticky nakedness of the heart

in abandonment of effort 


My body buzzes with energy, eternity 

All I need fitting perfectly in my container of skin

I have a lustful hunger to live and be lived

Devour life and recycle it through me 

Receiving and expelling forever

Consuming and being consumed



She feels sorry for herself when she sees my plump visage 

overfed and oiled like a baby 

I pop the pimples on my chin whenever I notice them, even if my fingernails are dirty 

She looks at me with resent 

like I'm wasting something priceless 

with ratted hair and candy bags 

yellowing teeth that don't occupy space in my mind 

Love Letter to the Sky

sweet, feathery sky

bear for me your perfection

the moon and the sun hang united 

on your soft ice cream expanse 

you are the beginning-less start

and the ceaseless end to all 

Love Letter to a Fish 

I swam in the sea 

fell in love with a fish

so lawless and free

how could I resist? 

Little Salmon #2 

open the tissue paper new-skin petals of a blooming bud 

I open my brain to You 

the clear, reflective pool in the centre of my skull 


to share the act of sharing 

to affirm my feeling

that there are people that know how to give 

Messages from a Clam

I heard her say: “When I was young I gave myself such a hard time, 

but looking back I really wasn’t so bad,” 


last night I dug into a little hole on the beach

chasing a burrowing clam 

I caught her and tried to make her spit 

from her gorgeous, muscular tongue 

she wouldn’t do that, but she told me 


 “the ants only purpose is to work 

   together, and survive; just like   

   Human Kind.”