Visual Arts and Poetry 

In addition to circus, Alyssa is passionate about visual arts and poetry. Alyssa's artistic process constantly overlaps, fluxing between sketches, physical movement and lyricism. 

Spacegirl is a feminist, inclusive, art zine. It is composed of poems, journal entries, and drawings by Alyssa. It covers a variety of subject matter; centring around gender equality and identity through abstract poetry and sketches. It is sold at several art stores in Montreal, and there is currently two issues. It is typically released seasonally. 

Alyssa ships internationally upon inquiry. 

Email for more information. 


Mona Lisa

Everyone feels stomach knots

and itchy teeth and clenched jaws

Who do you think I am? 

Could I be convenient for you? 


I am a dog, ribs pressing against my skin 

tail between my legs 

don’t speak too loudly around me

don’t step on my toes


I want to know like the heroine knows

like Mona Lisa framed and still 

She could look you in the eyes without feeling sick, I think


She feels sorry for herself when she sees my plump visage 

overfed and oiled like a baby 

I pop the pimples on my chin whenever I notice them, even if my fingernails are dirty 

She looks at me with resent 

like I'm wasting something priceless 

with ratted hair and candy bags 

yellowing teeth that don't occupy space in my mind 

The Hottest Day of the Year

I melt like wax

skin that is sticky and boiling

my hair becomes elastic, pulling like putty

my forehead drips, baring my skull 

my breasts sink down my torso,

frog eggs rolling off a lily 

my ribs become exposed

clean white and pure 

sitting on the sidewalk, skin drips down the gutter

leaving just bones, my wick 

I am now an objective view 

a suspended orb of soft white light

The heat no longer bothers me 


In addition to the work displayed here, Alyssa paints in both watercolour and acrylic, practices sculpture, and  illustrates short comics. 

 © 2019 Alyssa Bunce. All rights reserved. 

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